Faber-faber technology

How ?
we are diffrent

The world’s creator of chimneys with the world’s only three and four way suction technology. With more efficiency and less noise than any other competition chimney.

  • •10db nose reduction
  • •15% better grease
  • •25% higher suction area
  • • The Klima version offers 3 functions in 1 cooking
  • • Klima efficiently cools, heats and cleans the air
    upto 40m3 space
  • •Cooking hood and pendant light in a single product.
  • •Up and down technology with remote control.
  • • Reduces hood sound by 12db (A)
  • • Backlight touch control
  • •Ensures over 90% efficiency
  • •Creates an impenetrable barrier for grease
  • •Can be easily cleaned